Apple has added everything in its new phone, iPhone 5. It has 4G LTE, a massive big screen, free turn-by-turn navigation, and a faster A6 processor. It has a sharp and elegant design. It is slim and has feather-light.

Some of the sprint and version models of Apple are not convenient. Thus, it seems buggy and unfinished. Some of the small connectors and renders cannot use current accessories without an adopter. It does not have NFC and screen size pales when it is about comparison with Android models.

However, Apple iPhone 5 has various new things. They have rebuilt it and redesign it. Thus, it can fulfill your expectations, you will have from the company. Moreover, it supports all the advanced apps and 4G. When it comes to the design of the iPhone 5, it has a sharp razor new design. Well, it is a rebooted design. Well, it is a new phone but it does not mean it is hard to use. Once you use it, all the functions and features are completely familiar.

It has a few features; you want badly in your phone. Like long battery life, bigger screen, and advanced support. It has all the functions of MacBook and laptops. Thus, this is the perfect smartphone, you will need in 2021. Well, a few people did not like its design. But, still, they need it. Apple iPhone 5 has voice assistance, benefits of IOS 5, beautiful and spectacular camera, and long battery life. Moreover, it has 4G LTE. The new design has noise-canceling features, improved speakerphone, and subtle features. iOS 6 has brought some other improvements, having baked in navigation, a smarter Siri, passbook, and location-aware- digital wallet app. This wallet can store documents, gift cards, boarding passes, and tickets.

Display Screen of Apple iPhone 5

As I said, it has a larger screen. Moreover, it has a retina display and extra spaces for document reading. You can view a page above the keyboard landscape-oriented videos, playback larger size and fewer letterboxes, and a home page organizer. For this, we should thank developers that they have added extra spaces on the sides in landscape mode. Thus, you can handle it by virtual buttons and controls it. Well, it has thin look, metallic design, and has light as heck. Now, its look is beautiful and subtle. It has a round circular home button, pocketable rectangle, familiar giant screen, and transformed features. It has thin edges and a metallic body. Well, we can say that it is on the above level of 4 and 4S.

Sometimes, it looks like Apple iPhone 4 and 4S. it has round volume buttons, sleep and wake button on the top, and has a silence switch. Well, the headphone jack is now at bottom of the device. Thus, it gives you a look at the iPod touch. Well, the sound is amazing, as they have improved the speaker. Because it has a unique perforated grill and a tiny lightning connector port.

There was a time when Gorilla Glass was in trend. But, now it has been replaced with a metal body. Apple iPhone 5 is a two-toned device. Well, this feature exhibits a new look. The top and bottom of the rear are of Gorilla Glass. Else every part is of metal now. The body has anodized aluminum. Apple company has claimed that its appearance and features are like MacBook laptops. However, you will not miss the advanced technology due to iPhone 5. The weight of the phone is 3.95 ounces. Thus, it is the lightest phone. Its camera is 8 megapixels and the front cam is 1.2 MP. Thus, it will click your fantastic pictures.



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