You are going to be thrilled with the new renegade Android that just hit the market:

* Samsung Galaxy S II 

Remember, Android Central is ready to show off the full review of Sprint Galaxy II Epic 4G Touch. The Galaxy S II just might knock your socks off if you find yourself in need a phone this week. This one just can’t be topped. The phone options sure are opening up the decision making doors because you’ll need to choose between: 

* iPhone 4

* iPhone 5 (next month)

* AT&T Galaxy S II

What happens if you happen to need a phone today? You sure will need to make an informed decision. 

The Equipment

The iPhone 4 offers the following:

* compact

* the 3.5 Retina Display (in-plane switching and liquid -crystal displays and it is 960 x 640)

* a stainless steel band (antenna)

* it has glass on each side

This is one artistic mobile device and 15 months later it is still viewed as a finely manufactured device which is one of the very best on the planet. The AT&T Galaxy S II is not necessarily the most monstrous that Sprint has ever released. It ought to be noted, it is 800 x 480 pixels and 4.3 inches. It is surely not small. It is somewhat less dense as compared to an iPhone and some other Android devices. The plastic even feels a bit better when it’s on the newer generation of the Galaxy. It is indeed still known as Hasbro. It happens to be at the higher- end of the Hasbro offerings.

What about 3G Versus 4G? 

It ought to be known, the iPhone 4 does use the 3G AT & T network. This is referring to with the support for 7.2 higher speed access. The Galaxy II S differs in the sense that it incorporates 4G network. This is for the downloads (HSPA). You will need to see if it makes a big difference in the real world. Some believe that the Galaxy S II is going to win only if you are in dire need however this is only if in a pinch. 

Rounding a New Corner: iOS 5 or Android?

The iOS 5 is sneaking up and it is ready to round the corner and expand the market. Right now, the iOS 4.3 is available because it is the current version. It is very polished, very functional and it has addressed some of the missing needed features. This includes folder organization, multitasking, FaceTime video calls and various other features. You will need to check out Android Central in order to obtain more information about Gingerbread. 

Apps and Apps

Apple does have more apps within the iPhone app store. This is compared to Google and the Android Market. It ought to be known that any app which you may want is going to be available for each platform. The iPhone apps appear to look better and are known for providing a stronger user experience while offering even more options. 

About Added Accessories

Keep in mind, the iPhone 4 has indeed been on the market for nearly 15 months. There is a broad range of added accessories available for this. You can go ahead and check into the iMore Store to see for yourself the many offerings. You’ll love the fact that it happens to tie into the huge Apple and iTunes ecosystems. You just might discover that it has superb cases all the way up to the profound peripherals which can check on your blood and even allow you to indulge in flying a toy helicopter. 



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