Samsung Galaxy S3 is a beautiful Ice Cream Sandwich. It has an exquisite 4.8-inch screen. though it is not as big as you have dreamt of, still it is a gorgeous mobile phone. Also, it is so light and has a sleek design, a Quad-core processor, and a micro SD slot. It is an expensive device because of its Ferrari of the Android Circuit. That is the reason Samsung Galaxy S3 is a costly phone. The Touch Wiz software is not as efficient as always. But if you love a power–full phone, then do not look for any other option. Just go for Samsung Galaxy S3. Well, this was an anticipated android mobile phone. If you love to play a top trump, then you will definitely enjoy this smartphone. It has a beefy and quad-core processor. Thus, do not take any type of tension for speed and downloading videos and photos. This is unique having round edges and a slick shape. Some Androids have shown us unexpected styles and features introducing advanced features. For putting this device in your pocket, you would need a well-endowed wallet. Well, the company offers it for free on 2 years’ contract. The starting package is £26 per month; the price will rise to £30. Well, if any consumer does not want to stick to the contract, then he/she needs a SIM-Free packet for £520.

When we have storage space in talks for the Samsung Galaxy S3, it has a separate port for the support of a micro-SD card. Moreover, it has an internal storage of 16GB and 32GB. Moreover, a customer can expand its virtual shelves. A 64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 has arrived this year. Thus, you can buy it and get benefited from advanced features.

A person who is convenient and rich enough can spend money on this phone. Thus, this mobile is not for modest people. Sometimes, Android users get confused between smartphones. They do not know what should they buy. Either the new one or the old one. This is a gadget that can be appropriate for rich people. It has long battery life. It has a processor or engine that has a superpower. This phone has a smart and beautiful spectrum. Moreover, it has rival high-end and HTC’s Quad-core brute. Well, due to its advanced features, we can say it is an affordable phone. Because you will not get such feature and technology in a phone with this price range.

Touch Wiz of Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 has an ice cream sandwich touch wiz. The Galaxy is having Android 4.0. now the honor has gone to 401 jelly bean. Well, if you want to use the latest Google OS, you should select Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The TouchWiz is advanced and new eye-tracking technology in Samsung Galaxy S3. Therefore, it has made the use of the front camera so easy. It can detect the face of the user. It works beautifully if you have held the mobile phone directly from the front side. Watching films, playing games, and image clicking has become so easy. Well, another essential point is that the flagship eye symbol could be problematic and distracting for the users. Well, this feature is good because it can tell you that your phone is watching your activity. The phone has popularity because of its advancement in features. Also, its price is convenient. Everyone can afford it easily. Moreover, it has an 8MP front camera, having front autofocus, LED flash. The secondary camera is 1.9 MP f/2.6 720p. it has a check quality of 1080p@30fps, check quality. Thus, it can fulfill all demands, you would like to have from your phone.



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