When you have to make a quick decision between two phones, you should go for an honest online review and opinion. Here we are to serve you and suggest to you which one is best. After reading this article about the review on Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9, you will make a nice decision according to your demand and budget. Samsung S9 has beaten Apple’s new phone and has introduced advanced features and a supercharged camera. Samsung is the flagship that has always brought tremendous changes and results in-camera. People enjoy its big screens, resolutions, and pixels.

Price of Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9

The cost of the iPhone X starts from $999. This is the lowest price for 64GB. It varies according to the internal storage capacity. Moreover, iPhone X is selling at £999 and AU$1,579. The prices of the Samsung Galaxy S9 starts from $840, £869, and AU$1,349. In comparison to cost and budget, the Samsung model is affordable. But, if you are an extravagant person, then iPhone X is ready for you. However, do not assume that you will get low features if you buy an economical phone. Samsung is offering you all the advanced, latest, and best elements in this phone.

Camera Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 has a single primary shooter for your movie making and picture clicking. When it is about the lens, it has a dual setup. However, Apple iPhone X has a 12 MP wide-angle and 12MP telephoto lens. It has a better ability to zoom pictures and DSLR-style portraits. Through Samsung Galaxy, you will be able to control the blurring of the images. Thus, it is in your hand, how much you want your images to show blur impact. It will have beautiful images and artistic videos. The Samsung S9 will give portraits of DSLR. The results are almost like Note 8. However, iPhone X has a portrait lighting effect. Here are a few differences in the camera and light options of the Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9.

Galaxy S9 has 12MP with a wide-angle. It has f/1.5 or f/2.4 with a dual aperture. Moreover, it also has 12MO telephoto having an f/2.4 aperture. Apple iPhone has 12MP wide-angle camera having an f/1.8 aperture. Moreover, the telephoto of the iPhone X is 12MP with an f/2.4 aperture.

However, in Samsung S9 its main lens has a variable aperture. It can change itself from f1.5 to f2.4. it all depends on the lighting. Also, it will help you to create brighter shots in low light. It can retain the sharpness and clarity of the image and video. These are a few features that were built-in digital cameras and DSLR ages ago. But, all these components are new for the mobile phone’s camera. It has a pro mode for making videos and clicking images. However, the Apple iPhone has a fixed aperture that is f/1.8.

Some Other Necessary Features of Samsung Galaxy S9 and Apple iPhone X

Samsung has a new and super amazing feature that slow-mo. It can record your video in HD with 960 fps. Due to this element, you can shoot your videos more dramatically. Well, this feature is not present in Apple iPhone X. thus, the winner of clicking artistic images and making dramatic videos is Samsung Galaxy S9. However, the front cameras of both flagships and models are wonderful, giving us almost the same result.

When someone wants to buy a new phone or he/she has to make a decision, they have to look for the camera. As it is one of the most appealing things for a consumer. Thus, you can go for the Samsung Galaxy S9.


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