It is no surprise that Samsung Galaxy and iPhone hold the top spots for smart phones. They have been battling it out for years and all I can say is the battle continues.

Samsung takes the lead here as with any apple product you will pay a higher price point. Galaxy 9 and 9s will run you about $720-840 for a 64 GB option of course varying carrier to carrier. The cheapest IPhone X is $999. 

Let’s be real we buy the phones for the picture capability, because why carry a camera when your phone can take just as nice of a picture. That being said let’s compare.

This is cutting edge for a phone to have a variable aperture and Samsung has it. While the S9 Plus has a dual-lens setup like that of the iPhone X. It also has an option that you can program manually similar to iPhoneX.

Both phones have a front camera for selfies and both provide a blurred background.

The S9 Plus lets you change the amount of blur you want in the background before or after you take the picture. The iPhone X, though you can’t change the blur it has portrait lighting that you can play with to make a brighter selfie.

For the Galaxy 9 you choose different modes for both photos and video. The iPhone X while taking great videos, there is no choice n mode. I Phone X gives you darker pictures in low light but presents a more natural look. You know those boomerang pictures you like to take so much, well the S9 doesn’t let you edit your speed of the video.

The I phone X requires you to purchase wireless air pods as there is not a separate headphone jack. You can by the wired ones with the same plug in port as the charger, but then you can not charge your phone and use headphones at the same time.

Software is no comparison here. They are both very different and it will come down to what you prefer. Apple allows a more forgiving connection between multiple devices, but Samsung often connects easier to the handsfree in your car; which allows you ease of use when playing music, listening to messages, and calls through the Bluetooth in your car.

Both phones are glass on glass and will be delicate against being dropped. Which also means expensive to replace. Both also have face recognition, but iPhone X is a little more secure in the technology used, not allowing it to be tricked easily. Each of them offers wireless charging, and lighting charging but the Samsung battery is larger than iPhone X. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it lasts longer, but it does give you more of a fighting chance not needed to recharge as often.

These are both great options that have many comparable aspects, and often times it will come down to price you are willing to spend and what software is preferred for your needs. 



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