The battle of smartphone brands is ever-growing, and every brand is continuously working towards offering the best set of features to its fans. However, Samsung and Apple are always fighting for the crown. Samsung Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12 are the latest options from these brands, and it is time for a smartphone showdown. Let’s explore these smartphones in detail and figure out the true king of 2021.

The Stunning Designs

Among the fundamental factors of this showdown is the design aspect of these smartphones. One of the primary reasons that people purchase a smartphone is the stunning design. Every manufacturer is trying to come up with exciting new designs that offer a break from mundanity.

Apple also tried something new with iPhone 12 and went for a flat-edged design, breaking ties with its iconic curved edges. Another fantastic upgrade from Apple is the OLED panel for iPhone 12 series. Apple finally decided to part ways with LCD screens. Moreover, users can also enjoy a powerful ceramic shield display that is expected to be four times stronger than previous iPhones.

On the other hand, Samsung has also decided to bid farewell to boring designs. Therefore, you can see a brand-new camera housing mechanism with Galaxy S21. The contour cut camera housing adds to the beauty of this brilliant smartphone. This design will offer space-efficiency and a touch of flair and panache to the Galaxy S21 series.

The Captivating Displays

Who doesn’t want their smartphone to offer the best display and contrast ratio in the market? All smartphone manufacturers know the importance of providing top-notch displays with their options. Undoubtedly, Apple understood this demand and has finally decided to let go of outdated LCD panels. Therefore, you can get your hands on OLED screens with iPhone 12 series.

Similarly, Samsung has also decided to upgrade its screens by offering a fast-refreshing display with Galaxy S21 series. You can choose any value between 48 hertz to 120 hertz, depending upon your preferences. This feature can deliver better user experiences, smoother scrolling options, and superior gaming at your fingertips.

The Beast-Like Performance

If your smartphone continuously offers subpar performance, there is no point in getting excited about superior displays and designs. Performance is above all else, and iPhone 12 houses the superior A14 Bionic chip. This chip is among the best-performing processor in the market right now.

Similarly, Galaxy S21 series boasts Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 that promises enhanced image processing and significant gaming upgrades. Moreover, Samsung claims that this chip will offer a minimum of 25% boost in overall performance than previous versions.

The Powerful Cameras

The triple camera setup for iPhone 12 series is among the best smartphone cameras in the market. Moreover, the dual rear lenses for mini versions are still among the best smartphone cameras within this price range. So, if you are looking for sharp, crisp, and realistic images, Apple iPhone 12 has got you covered.

Samsung is not behind in this arena, and Galaxy S21 also offers a triple camera setup. However, you can also enjoy Space Zoom with Galaxy S21 and enjoy crisper results for objects far away in another galaxy. 

The Verdict

While both options offer equally impressive sets of features, Samsung Galaxy S21 is the uncrowned king here. It offers fast-refreshing displays, better camera capabilities, and longer battery life for lesser money. However, your personal preferences will dictate the best option for you.


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