Anyone looking for a foldable phone will be impressed by the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. This phone is beautifully designed and offers a great performance. With a starting price of $1,380 this is an expensive phone. Should you buy one? Here is a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review you can trust.

The Design

Unlike its predecessor, the Samsung Z Fold that opens vertically (like a book), this Galaxy Z Flip opens horizontally, just like the Motorola Razr. In its flipped mode, the Galaxy Z Flip will easily fit on a palm. There is an AMOLED panel 1.1 inches long on the exterior. Here you will receive notifications of incoming calls and messages, see time/date and take a selfie. Flip the phone open and you will be met by a 6.7 inch display. You will instantly notice how polished the screen is. This is achieved by using thin glass instead of plastic which is commonly used in other foldable devices. As for the exterior, it is a metal case that is available in mirror gold, mirror purple and mirror black. 

Samsung reports that the Galaxy Fold’s hinge can be flipped open 200,000 times. It is sturdy and has proven resistant when tested with various torture tests. For instance, it does not break when the phone is dropped on a hardwood floor. The hinge has a thin layer of fabric that prevents dust from getting into the space between the screen and the hinge.

The Full HD+ display on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has a resolution of 2636 x 1080 pixels. This is higher than Motorola Razr’s HD+ screen resolution. However, it is lower than other flagship phones by Samsung. The Galaxy S20 phones have Quad-HD+ panels. The crease between the two folds is visible when the phone is not in use but tends to fade off when the phone is in use. The 21.9:9 aspect ratio may feel a bit narrow. 

The Galaxy Z Flip’s screen will give you vivid colors. It supports 200.8% of the sRGB spectrum in vivid mode and 122.1% in natural mode. As for the accuracy of the colors, the Z Flip has a Delta-E rating of 0.31 in vivid mode compared to the industry’s best 0.28 rating on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. In natural mode the Galaxy Z Flip’s Delta-E score improves to 0.21. As for the screen’s brightness, it has improved compared to the Galaxy Fold but is still not the best. Shining a flashlight on the screen shows 677 nits of brightness compared to Galaxy S20 Plus’ 847 nits. 

Performance, Camera and Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is fitted with the SnapDragon 855 Plus processor and this is matched with 8GB RAM for speedy connections. However, it does not support 5G connections. As for storage, there is plenty on the 256 GB ROM. This phone does not have an SD card slot. The Z Flip’s graphic performance is among the best. Even in demanding apps, this phone will perform well, although not as well as the Samsung S20. 

The camera on this device is not very impressive but it does take good pictures. At the back are an f/1.8 wide lens, f/2.2 ultra wide optics and two 12 MP sensors. That is half the number of lenses you will find on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series. The night mode on the Z Flip is amazing. It produces more detail than its rival phones and its wide view angle is able to capture more details. At the front is a 10 MP camera that gives smooth images. This camera has a smart feature that automatically switches to wide angle view when it detects more than two people on a frame.

Samsung has managed to fit this foldable phone with a 3.300mAh battery that lasts 8 hours when the phone is used with power-demanding apps. This is much longer than the Razr’s 6 or so hours but is less than the 10 hours the Galaxy Fold gives.

Using the Phone and the price

The Galaxy Z Flip comes with Android 10 which supports the use of two apps at the same time in different parts of the screen. You just have to select supported apps and choose where to place them on the screen then use them simultaneously. With Youtube’s flip mode support, you can watch video on the top half of the screen and view comments at the bottom half.

The hinge on the Galaxy Z Flip is strong and does not make a sound when moved. The phone may be flipped at an angle and it will stay in that position. This is really convenient for doing things like video calls. When fully opened, this phone remains flat on a surface. There is no noticeable angle like in the Motorola Razr.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is an expensive phone but is among the cheapest flip phones. Its starting price was $1380 but you can now find it for a lower price. The high price is one of this phones biggest downsides but if you are looking for an affordable flip phone, this is your best option.


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