The iPhone lineup is as diverse as it has ever been. Gone are the days of only having one option per year from Apple. The iPhone SE even brings back a staple of the iPhone brand: the home button. It could be exactly what you are looking for if you haven’t upgraded since an iPhone 8. Below is a detailed comparison between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone SE. 


The iPhone SE seeks to keep things in line with Apple’s older iPhones. This means it only has a single camera on the back; the iPhone 12 has two. The upgraded versions of the iPhone 12 have a total of three cameras on the back. However, there isn’t a huge difference in picture quality between the iPhone 12 and SE. Both feature a 12 MP camera on the back. The only big feature the SE lacks is the night mode option. 


The iPhone SE has a slightly less powerful processor. It has the same processor as the iPhone 11. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The iPhone 11’s A13 Bionic chipset can still outperform almost any Android device on the market. When it is all said and done, with the iPhone SE, you will be getting top of the line performance for under $400. 

The iPhone 12’s A14 Bionic chipset is much faster. In fact, even after Qualcomm’s 2020 SoC offering, the A14 Bionic chipset is still the fastest mobile SoC available today. You won’t be able to get more performance than with the iPhone 12. 

Both models of iPhone are powerful enough to handle all modern games and apps. In fact, both of these phones will be able to handle everything you throw at them for years to come. 

Going with the slightly slower processor in the iPhone SE may be the best decision, especially when you consider the low price attached to the iPhone SE. 

Battery Life

One of the great things about the iPhone 12’s A14 Bionic chipset is that it doesn’t sacrifice battery life for performance. In fact, thanks to Apple’s record breaking 5 nanometer chipset, they were able to increase performance without impacting battery life too much. However, the iPhone SE does manage to outlast the base model iPhone 12 in battery life. If you are looking for the longest lasting iPhone on the market, then you may want to consider an iPhone SE. 


Specs aside, the most important thing for any buyer is how easy the device is to use. Plenty of people who transitioned from an iPhone 8 to an XR, 11, or 12 have found themselves missing the home button. In fact, you may be one of the people who still hasn’t quite got the hang of the new controls introduced with the iPhone X line up. The return of the home button may be exactly what you need. 

With the return of the home button comes the return of the finger print reader as well – a feature that has been missing since the home button was removed. However, the iPhone 12 does have an alternative, the FaceID unlock feature. 

Both the fingerprint scanner and FaceID unlock come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, it will be up to the consumer to decide which feature they like best. 

In Conclusion

The decision between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone SE comes down to a few factors. The SE doesn’t have night mode camera features, FaceID, and it has a slightly slower processor. The iPhone 12 uses FaceID, has the fastest processor on the market, and it looks much more modern. 

For many, the iPhone SE is the perfect phone for them. However, for those wanting the most modern features, the most stylish look, and the most up to date hardware, the iPhone 12 is a no brainer. 


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